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March, 2012 Monthly archive

You never take the same picture twice. And the same goes for you don’t photograph the same subjects all the time, and thats what makes sitting behind the camera fun. You get a chance to create your take on a subject from people to boxing gloves, and make it come alive.Between doing portraits here are some recent product tearsheets and stills to along with an article on MMA in New York state. More photos after the jump.

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Just starting to get back the fist rolls of film from the Mamiya RZ67. All I can say is I have fallen back in love with film, and medium format. It’s nice to be able to see your images right away on your DSLR, but the excitement and mystery of a roll of film is so much more fun. This doesn’t mean i’m going to put my Canon on the shelf, it just means that I’m going to be picking up more rolls of film in the near future. More pictures below the jump.

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